Eryngium cuneifolium

Common Name

Wedge-leaved button snakeroot


Open sunny areas on white sand
in rosemary scrub

Legal Status

US – Endangered (1987),
FL – Endangered

Flowering Time

July – November


Wedge leaf eryngium is endemic to the Lake Wales Ridge in Highlands County. It is found only in the southern third of the county.


Wedge leaf eryngium is a herbaceous perennial with a long taproot. The leaves are narrowly wedge-shaped. Leaves grow in a basal rosette to about 1.5 inches long. The fall-appearing small flowers are white-greenish.


Wedge leaf eryngium is threatened by development for housing and citrus production. It is also threatened by fire suppression. Of all the plants found in rosemary scrub, it requires the most open conditions and thrives in the first two decades after fires.


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Art by Mollie Doctrow