Opuntia humifusa

Common Name

Prickly pear


Sandhills, pine flatwoods,
coastal scrub

Flowering Time

March – August


There are over 200 species of prickly pear cactus. Most species are found in Southwestern North America, Mexico, Central and South America. This prickly pear is found throughout the eastern U.S.


Prickly pear is a low-growing, spreading cactus with oblong, flattened pads, 2-6 inches long. Some of the pads have sharp spines. The showy, bright yellow flowers are 3-4 inches across. The flowers attract several pollinators, including leafcutter bees, the flower scarab, and the cochineal insect. The reddish, green edible fruit are call tunas. The pulp is ruby red and tastes a little like watermelon. Prickly pear is threatened by a non-native Cactoblastis moth.

Interesting fact

Prickly pear has been used as food and medicines for thousands of years. The plants were so important to the Aztecs that they named cities for them. (e.g. Tenochtitlan)


GPS Coordinates

27.570255; – 81.505986


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Florida Wildflowers in the Natural Communities by Walter Kingsley Taylor, University Press of Florida ©1998

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