Did you answer Florida? Yes, Florida scrub is found almost entirely in Florida (some may extend into coastal Georgia and Alabama but it isn’t called Florida scrub there).

More specifically, Florida scrub is found on dry sand ridges, including the Ocala National Forest, along the Atlantic Coast, on the Brooksville Ridge in west-central Florida, and in several ridges in the Orlando area.

But the oldest, and most famous, ridge of them all is the Lake Wales Ridge, which runs from Clermont to Lake Placid.

Because this ridge is so old, it contains more endemic plants and bugs than all the other ridges combined. An endemic species is one that is naturally found only in one area.

This concentration of unique life forms, sometimes named after local features (for example, the Lake Placid scrub mint, Avon Park rattlebox), makes the Lake Wales Ridge a biodiversity and conservation hotspot.