The Florida landscape that includes scrub is a mosaic of different communities, including seasonal ponds. They may hold water only a few months of the year, but life can teem in them for those short periods. Amphibians require water for portions of their life cycle and they, in turn, can be important sources of food for some predators, such as scrub jays.

Reed is an associate research biologist at the Archbold Biological Station in Lake Placid, and an instructor at SFCC. He has received many research grants and honors in his profession. He is also an
accomplished photographer.

As a research biologist, Reed has a special interest in the scrub habitats of the Lake Wales Ridge region. Reed has written, “I am interested in the interplay between the adaptations of scrub organisms to their unique environment and the constraints imposed by variation of ecological processes, namely fire, as these interactions shape population dynamics.”

Reed’s photographs document the rare beauty of the Lake Wales Ridge region in all of its splendor, as well as the prescribed burns which are events of glorious rebirth in the environment. The exceptional colors he achieves in his photographs and the perspective he carefully composes provides the viewer with a sense that, “I was there.”