Protected by poisonous fangs and ensaring silk, spiders seem well-defended, but they need to drop and roll when this little wasp comes along. A specialized spider predator, the Archbold orange-belted wasp pounces on small spiders, injects them with a paralyzing venom, and carries home to her larvae the helpless prey.

Mark is a senior research biologist at the Archbold Biological Station in Lake Placid. His primary research interest is entomology, particularly ants of Florida. He is broadly published in professional journals.

In addition to being a research entomologist, he is an amazingly talented illustrator. The drawings of Florida insects in this exhibition are fine examples of his ability to capture, in exquisite detail, even the smallest features of these creatures. These illustrations give the viewer an opportunity to see these insects of the Lake Wales Ridge region in a manner not possible with the naked eye.