This Florida Panther was captured by one of Carlton's trail cameras in the northern Everglades, on a cattle ranch in HIghlands County. The healthy adult male, estimated to be 4 years old, is moving through habitat well north of the main panther population in southern Florida.

Carlton’s family has been in Florida for eight generations. As an environmental photojournalist, his knowledge of and concern for Florida’s environment is steeped in family history. With graduate training in ecology and anthropology, his primary goal is to promote conservation of environments and cultural legacies.

But his interest in environmental issues goes beyond Florida. He spent eight months in the tropical rain forests of Gabon, documenting the unseen wonders of life at the edge of the African continent as part of a Smithsonian Institution research project. The research was documented in his first book, The Edge of Africa.

Carlton’s images are crisp and resplendent with color. The Florida wildlife photographs included in this exhibition give the viewer a captivating look into the lives of these animals. Whether they are birds of prey, the endangered Florida panther, or images of the Florida black bear, Carlton has the remarkable ability to find them in their natural habitat and in turn share what he finds with the public.