Flora and Fauna on the Wayside Shrine Trail

Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2012  •  Student Projects

Relief Printmaking Workshop

A three-session workshop introduced students to relief printmaking. Each student selected a plant or an animal found on the Lake Wales Ridge for their print.

Guest artist, Michael Kemp wrote the following:

Thank you for inviting me to participate in your relief-printing workshop in October.   I was attracted by the opportunity to learn some printing techniques and also because of the unique focus of the program.   The idea of involving the art community in showcasing the unique natural preserve on the SFCC campus was particularly attractive.

Even though I had  previous experience with a printmaking workshop under your auspices, I was barely prepared for the range of people involved in your program and the incredible quality of the prints made by them.   I was simply taken aback at how this group of people with an age range from 14 -60+ was able to produce work of such quality.  I think it is a tribute to your commitment to your community that you have such a large number of willing and eager people invested in the community college and in its programs and resources.

The confluence of your dedication to art, the building of a community and the attempt to protect this fragile piece of native Florida resonates throughout the local community.  I am very pleased to be a part of it now and in the future as time permits.

Michael Kemp
Harmless Pleasures Printmaking