1. Pygmy Fringe Tree

    One of the most beautiful of the Florida scrub plants, the Pygmy fringe tree is an endemic shrub or small tree growing to 6 feet. The small white spring-blooming flowers have a sweet-smelling... More

    GPS: 27.570185; - 81.505761

  2. Highlands Scrub St. John's Wort

    Highlands scrub St. Johns-wort is a small, perennial herb, reaching heights to about 2 feet. The flowers have five yellow petals in a pinwheel and many stamens. The leaves are tiny, less than... More

    GPS: 27.569960; -81.505798

  3. Flag Pawpaw

    Scrub pawpaw is a deciduous, perennial, aromatic shrub or small tree, growing 6-10 feet. Large, beautiful white flowers are fragrant with maroon centers. The longhorn beetle and the flower... More

    GPS: 27.569901; - 81.505932

  4. Yucca

    Yucca is a native Florida, evergreen perennial shrub. A 6-12 foot stalk grows above a leaf clump. The leaves are long and strap-like with curly threads at the margins. The grayish green... More

    GPS: 27.570105; - 81.505761

  5. Prickly Pear

    Prickly pear is a low-growing, spreading cactus with oblong, flattened pads, 2-6 inches long. Some of the pads have sharp spines. The showy, bright yellow flowers are 3-4 inches across. The... More

    GPS: 27.570255; - 81.505986

  6. Trail Info Box

    This information box is located in front of MOFAC. Here you can find general information about the Wildflower Wayside Shrine before you go out on the trail... More

    GPS: 27.569938, -81.509317

  7. Sky Blue Lupine

    Sky blue lupine is one of several Florida lupines with blue flowers and simple leaves. Spikes of purplish-blue flowers of Sky blue lupine grow to 3 feet. Sky blue lupine is a short-lived... More

    GPS: 27.567259; - 81.498851

  8. Off trail markers:

  9. *Off trail markers located at
    Archbold Biological Station.

  10. Scrub Balm

    Scrub balm is an aromatic, bushy shrub growing to 20 inches high. Flowers are less than 0.8 inches long. Stems and leaves have a minty oder. Plants are pollinated primarily by bee-flies. The flower parts contain a trigger that, when contacted... More

  11. Wedge-leaved Button Snakeroot

    Wedge leaf eryngium is a herbaceous perennial with a long taproot. The leaves are narrowly wedge-shaped. Leaves grow in a basal rosette to about 1.5 inches long. The fall-appearing small...More

  12. Scrub Blazing Star

    Scrub blazing star is a perennial herb with hairy stems, growing to three feet. The spectacular pink-purple flowers are tightly arranged into globe-shaped heads. They are visited by an array of insects, including butterflies.... More

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