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Journey Stories Highlands County

SFSC MOFAC’s Journey Stories exhibition highlights Highlands County residents and SFSC students who moved to the United States from other countries, whether to escape political and religious persecution or simply for a dream of a better life. These residents tell their stories through their own words and pictures in a series of 25 text panels.

“I arrived at the airport an hour before my flight with nothing more than what I was wearing – a knee-length black dress and a pair of black sandals,” said Rose Josue, SFSC student. “I headed toward the double doors, where my new life awaited on the other side.”

Other Highlands County residents who share their journey stories are Dr. Tony Y.T. Chen, Herbert Donglasan, Pilar Erikson, Dr. Robert Flores, Owen Jolly, Elsa Kahn, Dr. Michael McLeod, Dr. C.B. and Mrs. Ranjan Patel, SFSC Honors students, and SFSC ESOL students.

The traveling exhibit consists of text and photo panels that are ready to hang. It is suitable for libraries, schools, and museums.

Read the stories of some of the exhibit participants: Journey Stories – Elsa Kahn ; Journey Stories – Dr. & Mrs. Ranjan Patel ; Journey Stories – Dr. Robert Flores ; Journey Stories – Dr. Tony Y.T. Chen ; Journey Stories – Pilar Eriksen ; Journey Stories – Dr. Michael McLeod .

SFSC MOFAC’s Journey Stories exhibition is based on the traveling Smithsonian exhibition of the same name, which was presented at the Highlands Museum of the Arts (MOTA) in Sebring.




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Land of Promise

Land of Promise

 Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity. 

- Daniel Barenboim