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The Museum of Florida Art and Culture (MOFAC), at South Florida State College (SFSC), brings visitors closer to Florida’s captivating past and its talented present. 

One can travel 25 million years back to the creation of the Florida geological beginnings, journey forward through the events of our state’s rich history, and take in an array of diverse, thought-provoking, and beautiful works by Florida’s most gifted contemporary artists.

Located on the Highlands County campus at South Florida State College in Avon Park, MOFAC opened in 2001 as both a museum and gallery space; highlighting the best of what Florida has to offer, archaeologically and artistically.

Its permanent display space details the chronological history of the state and its people via a timeline of events and artifacts unearthed at surrounding archaeological sites including the Blueberry site and the Goodnow Mound.

In addition, the MOFAC gallery and the lower lobby, which is located in the Alan Jay Wildstein Performing Arts Center, feature 7 exhibits annually, with accompanying receptions and artists’ talks from October to May.

SFSC MOFAC offers educational tours to introduce students to the museum’s exhibits and collections. School tours are available by appointment only.

To schedule a group tour or receive information about an exhibit, email skipperl@southflorida.edu or call (863) 784-7240.

Please schedule your tour at least three weeks in advance.

 Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity. 

- Daniel Barenboim